Deck Inspirations

Deck Design Ideas

Here is a list of questions to consider when you are designing your deck:

  •  How will you use your deck? Will you eat, cook, entertain or just relax on your deck? Will you have large parties or small gatherings? 
  •  Do you want a deck that allows you to socialize with your neighbors or one that creates privacy?
  •  Do you like square shapes, angles or curves? Which style suits your home best?    Do you want sun or shade when you are outside?
  •  Do you want an interesting pattern in the flooring; or do you prefer simple one-directional flooring?
  •  What area of your yard do you want to emphasize? What area of your yard do you want to conceal or minimize? What do you want to be able to         see from your deck? What do you want to keep others from seeing?
  •  When you step off of your deck, where will you go? What will you be doing? Do you like small functional steps or wide flowing steps? 
  •  Large open deck spaces allow flexibility in use. Separate areas offer intimacy and create a feeling of purpose for specific deck areas. Which            suits your lifestyle and your home better?
  •  How will your deck will look from your neighbors yard? Does it matter? Can your deck be seen from the road or some other public area? Do you   want railings on your deck? If so, should they be bold and heavy or do you prefer less obtrusive railings?
  •  Do you prefer a deck that is lower, so that you will feel more connected to your yard; or do you prefer a deck that is higher so you have a better view? Perhaps you prefer a deck that has different ares that should be at different elevations.  
  •  Will you properly maintain a wood deck; or would you prefer an alternative material that is less work?
  •  How will your deck impact your existing view from inside your house?
  •  What is your budget? I intentionally put this last because I believe you should design the deck you really want first.
  •  If it does not fit into your budget you can explore ideas such as building the deck in phases or eliminating design features that can easily be added later.

As you begin to think about your deck design, you will notice decks that you have never looked at before. Carefully consider what it is you like about that particular deck. Make notes. Take pictures. Scour the internet. Inspiration is everywhere! Time spent carefully designing your deck will result in a deck that fits your lifestyle, your home, and it's surroundings.