Installing Dekor Balusters

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Dekor Balusters

  1. Route a channel for the wire (lighted balusters only)
  2. Drill holes for the end caps using the Dekor drill guide
  3. Drill hole from the end cap hole to the channel (for wire


  1. Thread wire through the end caps
  2. Place the end caps on the balusters
  3. Thread wire through the hole down to the channel


  1. Pull the wire through from the channel side until the cap is in place
  2. Insert the caps for the unlighted balusters into the top rail
  3. Insert the unlighted balusters into the caps

  1. Assemble the top and bottom rail and use ratchet straps to tie rail together
  2. Connect the wire inside the rail posts.
  3. Install the top caps. Be careful not to screw down into the wires.

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